Friday, January 19, 2018

Rowley failed to see bigger picture


MISSED CHANCE: Dr Keith Rowley

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In war, politics, business and even in some sports it is widely accepted that at times you must give up a little in order to gain more.

In cricket it is sometimes best to give away a run so that the "weaker" batsman can be bowled to. People who practise this strategy are considered visionaries, good leaders and strategic performers.

Persons who fail to look beyond the immediate spoils in forfeiture of the grand prize are considered amateurs, greedy, unprofessional and weak.

As such I find it unfortunate that Keith Rowley took the position he did on the Hilton Sandy affair. He could have taken a more firm step and disciplined Mr Sandy even if it meant asking Mr Sandy to step down.

Strongly disciplining Mr Sandy would not have cost the PNM much —if anything at all—in the THA elections and would have gained much for the PNM and Dr Rowley's leadership in Trinidad.

Instead Dr Rowley appeared to have minimalised the "train from Calcutta" statement in order to strengthen the PNM's chances of winning the THA elections.

Consequently this salacious grab for all he can presently get may have lost him greater spoils in the 2015 general election.

This tells me that Dr Rowley lacks the qualities necessary to be a good leader. "He let go the Marlin to grab ah herrin'."

Richard Smith