Friday, January 19, 2018

Rowley wasting good time

Dr Keith Rowley is simply spinning top in mud. I honestly get really tired of this man making the People's National Movement such a disgrace.

He often forgets how hard others have worked to build the party and our vision for the future.

Now all that is left is a bunch of reckless and baseless arguments, threats and bobol which only gets our party in a deeper mess.

As if Patrick Manning was not enough to spoil things this man is taking everything and handing over to this People's Partnership Government.

I know the Prime Minister and her team is hard working, but we find it difficult to trust them. Nonetheless, our thought and action resounded with the PNM for generations.

This Section 34 hullabaloo did not warrant the President's action. Come on Rowley, let us grow up and be mature and sensible when making arguments and not let this Partnership government stand so tall over us. Our people are beginning to change alliances.


Phillip Tramelle