Friday, January 19, 2018

Rowley’s attacks a telling sign

Please permit me a space in your newspaper to express my utter disgust on reading of Dr Keith Row­ley’s attack on the media.

I refer, of course, to Dr Rowley’s “wajang politics” with Express columnist Lennox Grant. I read an interesting column in the Express by Mr Rickey Singh on March 26, and I must say I agree with him.

Mr Singh said, “That public platform behaviour last week by the PNM (People’s National Move­ment) leader, with the famous “F” word stridently punctuated as reported, was partly in response to a recent column by Mr Grant, in which he suggested, among other contextualised barbs, Dr Rowley had been left “time-warped by the Manning years…”.

Dr Rowley needs a serious lesson in being politically savvy, and perhaps he can take a page from the Prime Minister’s book because to date, she remains the savviest of all Trinidad and Tobago politicians.

This PNM internal election campaign is perhaps the perfect opportunity for Dr Rowley to give T&T a preview of what is to come should he be prime minister, but from the looks of it, we are seeing exactly what his predecessor accused him of being—a “wajang” and a “raging bull”.

While the Government who he criticises on a daily basis sought to give the media more freedom to conduct their business by way of the Libel and Defamation (Amend­ment) Bill 2013, here he is at war with the media, in a most distasteful manner.

And this is not the only instance where this has happened as he also attacked another me­dia house of being critical of him.

If this is the future of the PNM, then that party is doomed. If this is the future of T&T, then God help us!

Keshav Maharaj

via e-mail