Thursday, December 14, 2017

SBA headache for teachers

 The Daily Express of March 11 reads “Sea headache”, but I think it is also necessary for the Minister of Education to welcome suggestions to eradicate the SBA (school-based assessment) headache affecting secondary schools across the country.

While members of the primary-school community are lamenting SEA (Secon­dary Entrance Assessment) woes at this time, their 

secondary-school counterparts are lamenting SBA woes. It is the cry of most, if not all, secondary school teachers that pupils are not submitting assignments 

despite numerous 

requests and strategies.

These strategies include parent-teacher conferences, letters sent home to parents, phone calls to parents, starting SBAs as early as September to beat the CXC (Caribbean Examinations Council) deadline of March, numerous internal deadlines being set by teachers and constant pleas to pupils. 

Sometimes, it includes personal visits to students’ homes to meet parents and plead with them and their child/children to submit SBAs because failure to do so results in the child failing their CSEC (Carib­bean Secondary Edu­cation of Certificate ) exam­ination in the particular subject area.

Needless to say, severe stress and immeasurable frustration are symptoms 

accompanying this headache. 

G Medford 

via e-mail