Friday, December 15, 2017

SRPs waiting too long for proper contract

Please permit me space to voice my opinion on a matter that is affecting several persons who were attached to SAUTT (Special Anti Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago) and when SAUTT was disbanded by the Partnership government the Special Reserve Police officers were afforded contract positions in the Homicide Bureau of Investigation as Homicide Detectives.

The police officers were first given an offer letter which they accepted. However, to this time the police officers have not received their proper contracts.

These contracts expire September 2, 2014 and these officers are unsure if their contracts would be renewed.

The Government is yet to approve a Cabinet Note which would enable the contract positions to be renewed.

It is alleged these officers will soon be offered month-to-month contracts upon the expiration of their present three-year contract. How are people to survive on month-to-month contracts, what type of employment is this?

Some of these officers have undergone training by the FBI in homicide investigation and interview and interrogation as well as training in downloading and retrieving CCTV camera footage.

This Partnership government boasts of creating employment for the people of Trinidad and Tobago, maybe they should specify it is actually temporary employment.

If the Partnership government really claims to be serious about fighting crime it needs to consider offering these police officers a better proposal if they are to keep them in an already depleted Police Service, especially the Homicide Bureau which is understaffed and overworked. Thank you.

W Hosein

Princes Town