Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sack Williams, beg Gibbs to come back

 Well, we really “reach”, as we Trinis would say,  when a Commissioner of Police, acting or not, can find nothing better to say when an investigative journalist has been forced to go into hiding than that he brought it on himself!  

Did Dana Seetahal bring her murder on herself too in his estimation?  After a massive reward offer we are, one month later, still at the starting gates on that matter from all accounts. 

Will this be another emailgate, massive drug interception of T&T “fruit juice” tins packed with drugs instead, etc. etc. with never an answer?   

 Ms Seetahal’s shocking murder clearly demonstrated that no one is safe in this country unless they keep their mouths firmly shut and eyes closed. to have the head of the Police Service virtually justifying the threats of the brigands and bandits of T&T is nothing short of disgraceful and can do nothing to encourage public confidence in our protective services.  

Time to send Mr Williams home and beg the Canadians, Dwayne Gibbs and Jack Ewatski, to come back.  Worse yet, we now learn that a jailbird is heading a Government-funded programme and dispensing his own justice—and boasting about it too! 

 Better acting Commissioner of Police Williams focus on him rather than “shooting off” his mouth—no one wants another coup attempt. 

Let’s hear that you are going after the likes of him, Mr Williams, rather than denigrating upright and honest citizens.  In fact, in my opinion, and I imagine there are others of like persuasion, Mr Williams has demonstrated that he is clearly not suitable material for the position he holds.

We await the next bacchanal with bated breath!

Virginia Verity

via e-mail