Thursday, February 22, 2018

‘Safest ever’ another gimmick

Carnival is over and the results are in. We know the winners of Soca Monarch, Chutney Soca Monarch, Calypso Mon­arch and Panorama. The country now has a few more millionaires, thanks to the suffering taxpayers. Along with these long, predictable results, we have also come to accept another predictable statement, coming from whoever the Minster of National Security is, that we had “the safest Carni­val ever”.

One, however, never predicted Gary Griffith’s boast of being “the happiest minister alive”. This megalomaniac also went on to submit that “the days for crime plans are over”. What Griffith has failed to realise is that by taking credit for something with which he had nothing to do, when the murders resume, the time will also come for awarding blame, and he will be given his fair share.

As far back as Howard Chin Lee and “Anacon­da”, we have been sold the idea of crime plan after crime plan, only to be told now “the days for crime plans are over”. After two days of revelry and this ex-captain can make such boasts really is a pheno­menon as it shows how much money was wasted on the Mas­trof­ski and his Penn State crime plan—$52m, the Cameron Ross—$33m, and the hundreds of oth­er crime plans in between. This does not include the blimps, boats, 360-degree radar detector, CCTVs (closed-circuit tele­visions) and the derelict vehicles parked up at the barracks. Does this now mean a cancellation of the ships from China? After all, if the days for crime plans are over…?

This boast is akin to the predictable Panorama results, repeating itself, year in year out, ever since the authorities began announcing after-Carnival stats. For the past several years, Car­nivals have been “crime free”. Despite this, the Police Service still manages to lock up a couple hundred people during this season.

This raises a question: why were these people locked up if Carni­val were crime free? Were these persons “known to the police” and wanted in connection with crimes all along and police just decided to lock them up over the Carnival weekend? Another recurring decimal? Or was it merely intended to massage their statistics as one of their regular public-relations/propaganda gimmicks?

To tell the nation that Carnival was “crime free”, yet X amount of persons were locked up is analogous to telling someone they received a clean bill of health but just had their uterus removed. And for years, the people who deliver these stats have been manipulating the numbers to suit their own agendas; perhaps to make an otherwise incompetent organisation look good and evidently to massage their own superegos.

Rudy Chato Paul, Sr