Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saga of tax forms

Having received advice from the Board of Inland Revenue’s Tunapuna office my son, my wife and I set off for the BIR’s Arima office in my trusty 16-year-old vehicle. After finding the office with some difficulty, my wife and son were promptly dealt with and they left with three copies of the current income tax forms and the certificate required by my son.

Too easy. What they did not tell us was that only pages one and two were in the envelope; pages three and four we presumably had to ask for. 

So if you were claiming for alimony, venture capital, water heaters etc, you were out of luck. The website still has only up to 2012!

What does bother me is that while I am fully sympathetic with the workers’ action in their effort to obtain quarters that are both safe and healthy, these problems do not develop overnight. They take months, sometimes years to accumulate. 

In the meantime not only the workers but also the customers are using premises that are bordering on disgraceful according to reports. Why then has the union waited until now to take action, all the while jeopardising my health and the health of others? Sounds like negligence to me. 

What is also depressing is the total lack of anything said, written or otherwise doneby the people’s representatives. Why?

 They probably don’t need the income tax office so the matter is of no concern to them. Let the people who pay their salaries catch!

Dallas Kidman

Petit Valley