Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Salaries bill a positive reinforcement for judges

The Judges Salaries and Pensions Bill has come under recent scrutiny as to why this bill should be passed. The public has not taken great interest until seeing the upgraded figures toward judges’ pensions.

The bill has been somewhat needed for an upgrade and for a developing nation with many multifaceted issues (crime, corruption, legislation), where judges, MPs, etc, have put their lives on the line (socially and physically) for the development and protection of the nation and thus should be rewarded in retirement as a job well done. The purpose of this bill is to seek the revision of the pension paid to retired judges of the Supreme Court who have given their lives to service and a more favourable computation of pensions payable to retired judges of the Supreme Court or their widows.

As Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley showed that this topic was a sensitive one and has given his support toward the bill, stating the bill is warranted, this situation now shows a very impressive link between the Government and Opposition, displaying unity which is highly admired by those seeking a unified Government.

This bill emphasises on the positive reinforcement of judges and MPs, etc, to show their dedication and their efforts will be rewarded as their duties and actions go observed with cautious eyes into making a better T&T.

V McIntosh