Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sando mayorship 'agreement' the only issue

As a patriot of Trinidad and Tobago like so many hundreds of thousands of us who were never members of the People's National Movement (PNM) or the United National Congress (UNC) in their different incarnations, I have been listening and reading all those pseudo-intellectuals on the imbroglio between the UNC and the Congress of the People (COP) on the Marlene Coudray issue.

These lackeys and apologists of the UNC would have us believe the issues are: 1. that the Mayor is free to join any party of her choice; 2. the Prime Minister cannot remove the Mayor; 3. that the Mayor joined the UNC a year ago.

All the aforementioned twists are irrelevant to the real issue—and that is whether there was an agreement that the mayorship of the San Fernando City Corporation must go to a member of the COP.

To me, this is the simple question the People's Partnership (or is it the UNC?) must answer before we are asked to move on.

All those who are saying the leader of the COP is asking the Prime Minister to break the law by removing the Mayor are taking us for fools.

If the Prime Minister, on behalf of the People's Partnership (or is it the UNC?), answers in the affirmative, then automatically the Mayor must resign because she is not now a COP.

Sanjay Persad

St Joseph