Save our children: time for action

 My heart goes out to those poor children whose lives were brutally taken away from them and their mothers. Words cannot express what those families are going through right now. This is supposed to be a season of being cheerful and merry.

My deepest condolences to the children’s parents and families. Parents need to buckle up and always be vigilant when there are not with their children and always check up with the baby-sitter.

However, in the case of little Keyana Cumberbatch, her mother was a good mother and did in fact check up, not knowing what the suspect was really doing.

In cases like this, where it was not the mother’s fault as is, just like in the case of little Jacob Munroe’s death, the Government needs to step in and evoke the strictest and harshest law and penalties on these killers.

Hanging needs to be brought back and implemented for all heinous acts of crime like these against children.

In some cases, the Bail (Amendment) Bill 2013 will need to be implemented, so that criminals will know once they commit such a crime, do any such crime again and that is it for them. One strike and you are out, worse if you harm any of our children; hard labour and life sentence. Jail is not a hotel where you can get a roof over your head and free meals on the honest, hard-working citizens’ tax dollars.

Enough is enough! No more talking and planning and drafting. Now is the time for everyone to get on board and start implementing the measures being discussed. Time for serious action.

Kelly Lang

La Romaine

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