Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Save your kidneys

I was hoping against hope that the Government could come to some kind of compromise that would have permitted Wayne Kublalsingh to end his hunger strike. After listening to the Debe meeting earlier this week, I am in utter despair.

I consider Dr Kublalsingh a personal friend and colleague. I have a deep admiration for him, for the courage of his conviction, for his iron resolve in fighting to protect the integrity of the natural world. As a friend who genuinely cares for his well-being, I am appealing to him to end his hunger strike for the simple reason that the re-routing of the highway is a lost cause.

The alternative route as proposed by Dr Kublalsingh has been rejected. The Government is determined to build the highway as they see fit, insisting that there must be another road to the deep south besides the perilous Mosquito Creek route.

I am appealing to Wayne to end his hunger strike before irreparable harm is done to his kidneys. There is no cause in T&T for which one can justify damaging this vital organ. I repeat, there is absolutely no cause in T&T for which one can justify damaging one's kidneys.

Ishmael Samad

via e-mail