Sunday, February 25, 2018

Saving that precious snake

Once again T&T has demonstrated that it can take its ecology management to a world class level. We have shown that we have respect for our wildlife and do not run down with a cutlass anything that crawls in the grass, is found in a tree or has fur.

What a wonderful gesture of preserving life it was to see the capture of a 16-foot, 200-pound anaconda by local security officers and handed over to the zoological society. What an amazing find! I think only in the Amazon you find these snakes growing to maybe 20 or 25 feet. It's like I have written and spoken, that were it not for wicked hunters, this country's wildlife would be the jewel of the Caribbean.

Can you imagine that in such a polluted area like the Caroni Swamp, a mammoth creature that required about seven persons to carry it was nesting? I would like to congratulate those persons who recognised that this animal, like the ocelots and the wild hog, is not a threat but instead must be protected.

I am not saying that I would like something like that in my backyard, but we have to respect the majesty of God's creations. It's like we found a stranded manatee or a whale and instead of clubbing it and throwing it into the nearest stew, we saw the bigger picture that our wildlife and swamps still live and breathe and have not been as decimated.

Maybe, the zoo can hold on to it for a little while. In fact, I hope we can learn the valuable lessons of preservation and conservation from this matter and I hope that no one knows where this animal will be let go in the swamp, so that those enterprising hunters will not go after it for something for the next Carnival fete.

Lystra Marajh