Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Scholars struggling to survive

Madam PM and Minister of Public Administration, in 2008 the Scholarships Division indicated rates for scholars were under review. From 2008 to June 2013óno review. In July/August 2013 the firm PWC conducted a survey of living expenses of scholars to begin the review. Since then, there has been no feedback to scholars and/or their parents. E-mails to the Scholarships Division are not answered and the functionaries in the department say they are not aware of the status of the review.

Our scholars, especially those in the UK and Europe, cannot survive on the present rates and allowances and most parents are hard pressed to fill the financial void. Clearly money to increase the rates and allowances is not the problem as approximately $12 million of Government funds have been given to private promoters to be used as prize money for singing about run and wine and jam, in addition to $27 million being spent on rental for an unused buildings.

Please Scholarships Division, let your scholars and/or their parents know what is the status of the review so that, if necessary, parents can approach financial institutions for additional loans or, in the worst case scenario, ask their children to give up their scholarship and return home instead of struggling to survive, worrying about having enough money to buy food and to travel to classes and at the same time wondering how they can fulfil their true potential.

Scholars need your assistance.

Chris Martin