Friday, December 15, 2017

Season of noise horrors for Woodbrook residents starts

 It’s that time again when we, the residents of Woodbrook, are bombarded with noise from fetes being held at the Queen’s Park Oval. So far, there have been two— January 12 and January 18—and on both nights I have been unable to sleep. 

The sound checks during the day (for a fete being held at night) are disturbing to say the least, but when the party gets going, the noise level increases to such a volume that my house shakes and I am also physically affected by the sound. 

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) which has overall responsibility for controlling/preventing noise pollution seems to be a toothless organisation when it comes to policing this problem. 

In granting licences to fete promoters, the EMA must follow up to ensure they comply with the laws before and during the fetes. Is this being done? No! Why am I not surprised?  

As for the Queen’s Park Oval, which coincidentally is located opposite the EMA’s head office and is next to the St Clair Medical facility, they should demonstrate their corporate responsibility by recognising that these activities are adversely impacting the lives of the people who reside nearby. It’s not always about money!

It seems that we, the citizens of this lovely country, have no recourse when it comes to matters of this sort. 

So far, the responses I have received with regard to this situation, lead me to believe that the various authorities are either powerless or just do not care that the noise is adversely impacting the residents of Woodbrook.  

P Samuel

via e-mail