Saturday, December 16, 2017

Selfish behaviour

I can't even begin to express fully how steaming mad I was on Wednesday when I got stuck in that horrendous traffic at the Beetham stretch. In addition to having to put up with gridlock traffic, blaring horns, stifling exhaust fumes and furious protesters and their violent outbursts I had to manage and pacify two restless, miserable and tired toddlers. It was most unbearable and aggravating and I can't imagine how the kids felt!

I understood that the protest took place because of an unfulfilled promise by a minister to hold a meeting or some sort. Can you believe this? Because I can't believe these wise protesters felt that the country was responsible for that and therefore sought to punish us. They were so inconsiderate to all the parents probably hustling to pick up their kids at school or head home from a long, frustrating day.

This comes right after the environmental activist's hunger strike outside the PM's office. Although his was mostly a peaceful protest, he has ignited the idea that in order to get what we want we must cause disruption. Some may go beyond the action that took place which did not see as much violence as the Beetham protest. Maybe we should be prepared for this to be a norm.

It is unfortunate that the minster was unable to meet with these residents and address their concerns and I understand many would be distressed and angry but it does not give them the right to cause all that ruction and behave like hooligans.

Ministers are very busy and sometimes have to cancel appointments. It does not mean they will not be addressed. Please people, have some consideration for others. I suggest you take your concerns and opinions directly to the ministry and the minister.

Lisa Ford

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