Thursday, February 22, 2018

Send women cops to cool hotspots

The male of the species continues to aggravate situations that can be contained and controlled by females.

What about simply replacing the front line officers in the dreaded hotspots with a dozen of their female counterparts? They are less likely to throw smoke bombs or spray all and sundry with rubber bullets. Residents may be less confrontational if they are not rubbed the wrong way. Policemen should only be deployed as "back-up" as and when totally necessary.

It may be even more useful if female officers who run the community outreach clubs are assigned accordingly whenever there is need for sensitive crowd control.

It is never too late for all members of the protective services to enhance their image which is at rock bottom in Beetham, Laventille and Morvant, to name a few communities.

I see no need for the Minister of National Security to be in attendance at every single crime scene or road accident. There are trained officers who can report directly as necessary. The Member of Parliament for the area is more than enough to cover the "photo opportunities".

Lynette Joseph

Via e-mail