Monday, January 22, 2018

Service at T&T Consulate in Toronto greatly improved

 I’d like to make special mention of the excellent service demonstrated at the Trinidad and Tobago Consulate in Toronto, Canada. This has been in stark contrast to the poor level of service in July 2009 when I was there to get the new machine-readable passport.

This exceptional level of service was demonstrated even before my family stepped into the consulate’s offices. In processing my family’s applications, the attending officers in question were Ravi Maharaj, Rhonda Hackett-Thompson and J’eniver Farrell-Corbin. 

 I contacted the office a couple of weeks before, requesting clarification on a number of queries I had, and all of my concerns were addressed. I was due to travel in early May but the earliest appointment date was in June 2014. I explained via e-mail the need to have this done earlier. I received a call the following day and explained the situation. Within one hour, I 

received another call, indicating that the 

appointment date was moved up, with staff 

accommodating the five members of my 

family in under a week.

On my arrival, we were ushered into the waiting area, provided with sequentially numbered chits, an officer also came around to check that persons had all documents in hand, another one reviewed all of our documents, guided us in ensuring that all documents were properly filled out, even ensured that photocopies made were correctly done, including providing detailed step-by-step explanations for use of the 

photocopying machine. 

Within one hour, we were out of there. 

Hats off to those officers at the T&T Consulate in Toronto who did a splendid job in the passport-renewal process. 

In some quarters, the level of dedication and commitment of Trinidadians and 

Toba­­go­nians has been raised very high in suppor­ting their fellow citizens. That level of cama­ra­derie is something T&T citizens 

should be proud of. 

Anand Heeraman

Ontario, Canada