Sunday, February 18, 2018

Shameful display in the Senate

 I am ashamed as an older Trinidadian. I am deeply embarrassed by the Senate proceedings as seen on television and reported in the newspapers. 

Wednesday’s debacle represents the rock bottom for a Senate in session. I am truly astounded that the President of the

Senate, who should know better, presided over this

messy situation. I am dumb­struck by the 

exchange between Messrs Anand Ramlogan and Faris Al-Rawi, an exchange that did not help us as citizens to become any better off. 

The Senate is designed to bring sound and mature judgment to matters of grave import, but sadly, it became a place for “kicksing in Parliament” as Explainer sang. The tragedy is that this was not the House, where picong may be fair game, this was the Senate. 

As if to add insult to injury, the Muslim leaders now have piped up with a query for Al-Rawi rather than reprimand our erstwhile leaders about their disgraceful ways of disrespecting each other and not dealing with our country’s business, plus, setting an awful example for the young people. Is this the best we can do at a time when the country, which faces deep and significant problems, is crying out for leadership? 

Do we just move on? Ought we not to stop and reflect as to whether or not this is the way we wish to have a national conversation? How different is this fiasco among learned and bright men from the young, inarticu­late men who pick up guns rather than live peaceably with each other?

Where are our nation’s exemplars? How do we move back to a sane place where a community can be established? Will the political leaders put down their guns or are we to be like the frightened residents of Laventille to just keep quiet when the guns bark in the Parliament? 

Noble Philip

via e-mail