Sunday, February 18, 2018

Should COP swallow its pride and walk away?

Can Winston Dookeran really bring back life to a beleaguered Congress of the People (COP)? Is he 100 per cent on board with the idea of reliving the glory days of the COP when it could boast of 240,000 dedicated followers? Are they placing Mr Dookeran between the political rock and a hard place?

It should be acknowledged politi­c­al patricide was, in effect, committed when the goodly gentleman walked away from the leadership of the COP. What is being advocated is the political guilt trip of this century.

Mr Dookeran does not appear to be as fit and well as in 2006—the year he gave life to the idea of the relevance of third-party politics in Trinidad and Tobago. The present and prevailing political kankata within his party surrounding allegations regarding a popular/ sometimes unpopular minister can only hasten mental and physical distress.

The political road to the general election of 2015 can only be trod by people who, in local parlance, real brave. The stakes are high.

Can Mr Dookeran find time to play mortua­ry attendant to a party which appears to have committed political suicide? In the political love triangle that is the People’s National Movement/United National Congress/COP struggle to 2015, will the COP have to swallow its pride and just walk away?

Lynette Joseph

via e-mail