Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Silence, again

Yet again the country is besieged by the blatant and arrogant silence of this Government. For the better part of the last two weeks, the issue of the born-again "Flying Squad" has proliferated in the media and again we are met with the trademark silence of the Government.

The Government was elected by the people to act on behalf of the people. Why then are they not addressing the issues and concerns of the people?

Perhaps we might actually get an answer without the use of the word "PNM", which has seemed to be the mantra of the Government when their backs are against the wall.

To date the Government has not given a response on the following matters:

1. What is the real reason for the dismantling of SAUTT?

2. Why the need to have a "Flying Squad"?

3. Why has the Government not appointed a DNA Custodian, as stipulated in the DNA Act 2012, to increase the usage of forensic evidence in murder investigations?

4. What is the role and function of the NIA (National Intelligence Agency)?

The national security infrastructure is clearly not achieving the desired results, if any. The NIA, SSA, CGIU and Flying Squad all conduct intelligence gathering activities, yet we have had 60 murders in 49 days. Over to you Madame Prime Minister and your team of ace advisors.

Valena Williams