Monday, January 22, 2018

Bank workers discarded

My prayers are with the 20 unfortunate employees of RBC Bank who worked hard over the years to make RBC what it is today, the 20 expendables who will be soon on the breadline.

In this world, there is no shortage of callous, cruel people. When they get to the top of the corporate pyramid and they have absolute control of others’ lives, they think they are gods, untouchable and invincible. They are obsessed with the love of money and profits (not forgetting the perks), as they strive and use people to gain more profits, more wealth and power!

There is nothing wrong in increasing profits and making your company grow financially, but when it entails using people and then discarding them like trash paper through a shredder, this is bordering on evil, in my view.

The big wigs at the top of the corporate ladder who engage in this modern version of slavery and indentureship are no better than trigger-happy bandits and thugs. They have no conscience, no compassion.

They may pretend it is a difficult, heart-wrenching decision to make, but they are not fooling me. How long before the other big “banksters” of the Bankers Association of T&T do the same?

Anyway, there is a God who sees and knows everything, including the hearts of all humans. 

Sharvani Lohasingh