Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sirens, swivelling lights serve vital purpose

Imagine people complaining about “too many blue lights and too many sirens”. Well, do you recall when there were little or none at all and when people were begging for visible police presence across the country? Now look at what’s happening, they got what they called for but now they are complaining.

I read in a letter in which one man was complaining about giving way to marked and unmarked emergency and police vehicles.

The reason behind the blaring of sirens is to alert motorists that there is an emergency and there is need for them to clear the way. It is rather presumptuous and uncouth for us as citizens to attempt without reason to determine what the emergency might be.

As a past victim of an accident and having to be transported by an ambulance myself. On several occasions I have observed that too many motorists show scant regard to the sound of sirens, by refusing to clear the way.

Jonathan Cooper

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