Friday, December 15, 2017

Six weeks and accident site still not cleared

 About six weeks ago, there was an accident around the Savannah, opposite the  RAF building.

The driver of a vehicle seemed to have lost control,  mounted the paved walkway and hit a utility pole. The force of the impact was such that the utility pole was knocked down and the very heavy concrete block which anchored the pole was ripped out of the ground along with part of the walkway. 

Six weeks later, the bent utility pole lies on the ground, caution tape still attached to it. Unbelievably, broken glass still litters the ground, and the concrete block remains in the same position, a hazard to motorists and pedestrians alike.

 Who are the persons responsible  for clearing this up? Is it the Savannah board?

 Have they not noticed or do they avert their eyes as they drive past? 

By any standard, six weeks is more than enough time to clear an accident site.

J Thompson

via e-mail