Saturday, February 24, 2018

So many stupidsoca songs!

I must make mention of the quality (or lack of it) of some of the soca songs that I have been hearing on the radio lately.

I fully understand the need for up-tempo jumpy tunes for partying and for the road, and I will be the first to admit that in the past two years and in 2013 the quality of "groovy" soca songs has improved and there are many good ones, and in my opinion that is what soca should be.

But there are so many other stupid, senseless soca tunes that it leaves me to wonder how they manage to get air play at all, and on radio stations that usually don't play any calypso during the year. Imagine, chanting "put yuh han in de air" 25 or 30 times in succession constitutes a verse or chorus!

A friend was here from Toronto in August and wanted to hear some live kaiso. Unfortunately he asked me on a Thursday and he was leaving the following Tuesday. I had to tell him "hard luck" because the only place you can hear live kaiso anywhere in Trinidad during the year is at The Nu Pub and only on a Wednesday night, thanks to the Ward brothers who own the pub and some collaboration by TUCO.

Imagine that. We say T&T is the "land of pan and calypso" yet if a visitor comes and wants to hear live calypso, it has to be on a Wednesday night only, and through the efforts of a privately-owned establishment.

Another problem is you are not sure which calypsonians you might hear on the Wednesday night, as most of them are up the islands performing as there is little or no work for them here in the "land of calypso".

W Dopson