Sunday, January 21, 2018

Solutions to school-fight trend

I have observed with interest the comments of various people regarding the schoolgirls’ fight outside of their school, and have noted the many and varied suggestions regarding the most suitable approach to arresting this unsavoury trend.

Indeed, I had occasion to listen to a radio programme on the commute home yesterday (March 18, 2014), and upon hearing the comments of the listeners, felt compelled to pen this letter.

The solution to the problem that manifested itself in the school brawl comprises many levels. I heard one listener say that Trinidad should create a school called ‘Teteron High School’.

This idea is not original. It is not even new. And it is called Milat —Military Led Academic Training.

But it goes further yet. We need a fresh start. We need fathers...we need men. For if we believe the role of the mother is to nurture, then we must accept that the role of the father is to mould. Mould our young sons into the men of tomorrow. Men that will know better than to heartlessly take a young woman’s virtue and disregard the inevitable consequences.

We need mothers—we need women. Women who will know that the gift of their feminine virtue should not be easily granted to the first suitor that displays the slightest interest. For if they truly understand that it is they who have the power, then they have already won half the battle.

If they truly understand that if they demand more of a man— a real man—he will comply (for there is no greater joy for a man than the love, respect and admiration of a good woman), then we are well on our way to winning the battle against the darkness that was exposed on our televisions and on social media.

We need takes a village. Because no one uses the axiom anymore does not make it any less true. We have to all understand that we have a vested interest in this matter; for our collective well being, our progress, our future. For what good is development if the next generation cannot sustain it? What good is wealth if it is not shared wealth? What good does greed and avarice do?

We need the State...a government of the people, by the people, for the people. We need the institutional strengthening of programmes such as Milat.

We need population policies that will identify at-risk teens and provide incentives to remain in school, remain without children, and maintain a B+ average. We need policies that will turn this commitment by teens to their education, to deferring parenthood until they are educated, into access to higher education, trade and technical jobs, and affordable, quality housing. And we need true commitment to this cause by the political leadership—not just cheap political rhetoric and lip service.

Most importantly, we need God... whoever your God is; we need him (or her). For in the final analysis, it is by God that all things are possible. Whether you say God willing or it is the will of Allah, we need to understand that HE plays a decisive role.

And we need to recognise as a nation that all these things must be done to seek a brighter future for our children.

The alternative?

Allow this generation to decay, to become a true generation of vipers, and sit back and wait for kingdom come.

Steve Lezama

via e-mail