Saturday, December 16, 2017

Solving mas issues

 JUST a few Carnival observations that, if addressed, will help to solve some problems.

1. The Adam Smith Square judging venue on Ariapita Avenue in Wood­brook has become a big problem with spectators overflowing into the street, making it difficult for masqueraders to proceed. They are blocking the same masquera­ders they have come to see. 

Granted they have nowhere else to go as the small stand there cannot accommodate the crowd. Something has to be done with spectators encroaching on the route to the “stage”. Maybe bring back mounted police to control the crowd. 

2. “Stretch out” the bands waiting to enter the Queen’s Park Savannah for competition. Lining up only on Char­lotte Street is not working. I suggest having some bands line up from White­ hall and proceed clockwise around the Savannah, past the zoo, then into the Savannah. There will still be bands (who must draw for position) coming from Charlotte Street, but if properly controlled, the system can work like a roundabout—one band from Charlotte Street then one from the other side. 

It’s worth a try rather than continuing with the present system that is not working and is still the cause of bands having to wait for hours to move. After all, we are dealing with the same streets every year, with thousands of additional masqueraders joining the Carnival. What is going to happen in three years time? 

3. Stop vehicles by 9 a.m. from dri­ving on major routes such as Traga­rete Road, Ariapita Avenue and on the south side of the Savannah (from the back of the Grand Stand to Cipriani Boulevard). Not only were vehicles driving there on Tues­day, but speeding, with masqueraders walking all over. 

4. Ban the use of confetti in residential areas. It goes into people’s hou­ses. 

It seems to me the authorities have a lot to do between now and next Car­ni­val—if they really care about sol­ving these problems.

W Dopson