Thursday, December 14, 2017

South students treated unfairly

I cannot understand why students pursuing tertiary education in south Trinidad are faced with so many challenges. Why do these institutions encourage students to register and give them false hope that all classes will be held at South campuses when it is not so?

Many students are faced with this dilemma when they are nearing completion of their course, only to be faced with responses like, "You have no choice; you have to go to Port of Spain," or, "Those courses never come South."

Do they ever consider that some students come from areas in deep South and are are employed full time?

Every year, students attending Costaatt in San Fernando struggle online to get into classes because of the number of students already registered. Imagine being a part-time or full-time student and only doing one or two classes for an entire semester because it is not guaranteed you will get the opportunity to pursue your major courses.

What is more upsetting is there are some courses that are never brought to the South campus, and these classes are only offered in Port of Spain during the week, either during the day or in the afternoon, from five to eight.

I really hope that through this medium, those in authority will bring change that will benefit the students of South.

L Phillip

via e-mail