Sunday, December 17, 2017

Spelling champ brings refreshing good news

 Over time we have grown accustomed to the saying “No news is good news”, but after seeing the front page of yesterday’s Express, it is now okay to say “Yes-News” (in terms of positive news) is also good news.

Congratulations to not only Maria Regina Grade School on winning the Express National Word Championship competition, but to all the other schools which participated.

Although  two road deaths deprived the front page of a “good news clean sweep”, it was refreshing to discover that not only were there no murders or child abuse cases to report, but on the contrary, jubilant children celebrating victory, in contrast to all the adversity we have had to endure since day one of 2014.

Let me also thank these children for being the beacon of hope that has become so necessary in this time of darkness. All is not lost.