Friday, January 19, 2018

Spread the spray around

THIS is addressed to the Minister of Health (if he should ever read this).

Sir, I live at Maraval and exercise around the Queen's Park Savannah three or four times per week early in the morning (between 4.30 to 5.30) so I am quite aware when Belmont and St Clair are being sprayed for dengue-bearing mosquitoes.

I have therefore become aware of the difference between the spraying of Belmont/St Clair and Long Circular, Maraval.

In order to satisfy my curiosity about a couple relevant issues, I enquired from someone connected to the Health Ministry.

* 1: Why is it that the Ministry only sprays for mosquitoes when there is a reported epidemic and does not have a proper schedule for spraying all housing districts, say, every two or three months?

* 2: How many vehicles has the Ministry allocated to each district in order to accomplish their quite sizable task should it ever be properly approached?

The only response I got was that for an area between Blanchisseuse on the North Coast, west to Chaguaramas, there is only one vehicle to do the spraying.

I would like the Ministry to please publish the various territories (separate areas) they have divided Trinidad and Tobago into and indicate how many vehicles they have allocated to each district so the public can appreciate why we have so many dengue epidemics.

B Edghill