Tuesday, February 20, 2018

St Joseph could indicate what will happen in 2015

There is never a dull moment in our politics. Our present Government is making sure we are kept on our toes with its various meanderings on the political field. It makes for good reading and, at times, is quite entertaining.

But on a serious note, we are now facing another by-election. The new kid on the block is the Independent Labour Party (ILP), flexing its newfound political muscle to try to wrestle the seat from the harassed United National Congress (UNC).

This is a marginal seat and it could go any way, and could be a real pointer as to what could happen in 2015.

If the ILP fields a candidate like Robin Montano, it could then give a good account of itself. I don’t see the UNC fielding any candidate to match Mr Montano, as it does not have much of a presence in St Joseph. It will have to depend on the Congress of the People to provide a candidate in order to have a fair chance of retaining the seat.

Dr Clifford Ramcharan

St Augustine