Sunday, December 17, 2017

Stamp out ‘anything goes’ attitude


Mark Fraser

 Is common sense really so uncommon? Why would businessmen invest thousands of dollars, time, effort and energy into a venture and then do something that would hamper that very business?

A few bars were recently shut down in the Woodbrook area when the residents, armed with over 2,000 signatures, went to the relevant authorities and the mayor. As Mr Lee Sing rightly said “We are all Trinis and as such enjoy having fun and a good lime, but people must have respect for the environment and must not inconvenience others.”

Trinidadians are now travelling worldwide and would always verbalise on their return how much they appreciate and admire the cleanliness and order they see abroad. In what is sometimes referred to as First World countries, businesses co-exist with residents. If these institutions do not abide, they will be penalised and eventually denied permits and license renewal.

This “anything goes” attitude throughout our land is not an attribute the average Trini appreciates; it is a minority who encourage this, and we must not allow them to spread. 

Imagine a smart, educated, oil-rich country like ours having to constantly remind the bars and business owners of such basic courtesies:

1. Keep your music down, especially during weeknights (the elderly, children, school, work in the morning) 

2. Designate a cleaner to go around the immediate neighbourhood and scoop up all cups and bottles, cigarette butts and packs, food scraps and broken bottles that we can assume came from your establishment. (All surrounding businesses should contribute, including vendors).

3. Have the security guards on the lookout for patrons attempting to urinate on residents’ walls. 

4. Patrons who want to park and show off their “hard pong” (music) must be advised to take it down, especially after hours when people are asleep. 

5. Security services and wreckers must always be available so as to discourage patrons from blocking driveways. 

6. Older residents complain about having to step into the roadway when patrons occupy the entire pavement. 

7. For God’s sake man, when you take “two drink”, why every second word out of your mouth has to begin with “F”..and so  loud? Not cool! “Outtatiming’’!

All thinking citizens in Trinidad and Tobago should come together and stand up against unscrupulous people in their neighbourhoods. This “anything goes” attitude must be fought against. Socialising and having a good time, we are blessed with, but let us safeguard this easygoing, fun-loving nature we have been known for with basic respect and cleanliness. 

“When I was a child I used to  think like a child and act like a child—but now that I am a man, I must think like a man and act like a man”.  Our example is crucial ..-..Let us be the change we want to see.

Dwight Gonsalves

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