Sunday, December 17, 2017

Stand up and fight for our country

 I am not a political person. I do not like politics, even worse, politicians. But it has been festering rapidly in me how much the people of this great nation keep tolerating absolute disregard of self and State by the present and past governments. 

What will it take for us as a people to say enough is enough? What will it take for us to follow the example from countries like Venezuela, Egypt and Syria to say “no more”? 

Have we got so wrapped up in the propaganda of the political parties that we fail to see they don’t care what happens to the country, once they get rich and powerful enough that they see themselves as untouchable. What would it take for us to stand up and fight for our country, our children and the life we all deserve? 

We have lost our identity as a people, we have lost our faith in governance, we have lost the ability to differentiate right from wrong, we embrace lawlessness like it’s part of who we are and yet keep crying out for justice. We embrace racism like it is culture, both sides. Yet none of us knows anything about being African or Indian, only what we see on TV or read in books and on the Internet. Why, why? 

Fight for our home, fight for our country, fight for our children, fight for democracy, fight for our lives. fight for Trinidad and Tobago!

K Williams

via e-mail