Thursday, January 18, 2018

Stand up against attacks on women

Now that the nonsensical euphoria of New Year traditions have gone, it is time to return to the real world. I am sure of the semi-sober women who partied in their halter backs and had men dribbling down their deep necklines, no one spared a thought for the gang-rape victim in India who passed away after being so brutally assaulted that there was no repairing her organs. Indeed, only the erstwhile feminist Ms Shivanna Dipnarine was courageous enough to remember this lost sister in her letter of January 1, and I thank the media for its kindest consideration.

So, now, I would like to enquire of our local groups who pretend they are concerned about women, why they have not said anything or held any kind of vigil or any gesture, whatsoever.

Indeed, a few months ago, the world rose up against the Islamic world who found a woman guilty of "inviting" rape and punished her with lashes for making her attackers helpless to not rape her.

More so, a lactating mother was sentenced to be stoned to death for an adulterous affair, and were it not for the intervention of France, she very well may have been horribly stoned to death as soon as the child was old enough to be weaned off her breastmilk. What utter madness! This is what is happening to women in the world. Is it silence and nonchalance because the victim was from India?

I am putting forth critical issues which affect women in the world and, by all indications, will continue unabated. These matters include but are not limited to:

widespread rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

genital mutilation under Islamic Law

abortion of female foetuses and discarding of female babies in India and China

honour killings and acid mutilation

human trafficking of women the world over

oppression of women in all Islamic states, for example, women can be prosecuted for driving.

Civil society must act decisively on the forgoing atrocities being committed against women the world over, ad nauseam. Why not hold a candlelight vigil for all the women who were killed, mutilated and had acid thrown in their faces at the hands of spouses.

Lystra Marajh