Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sterling contribution from temporary senator

I had the unexpected pleasure of viewing a most sterling and effective contribution from the newest temporary Independent senator, Dr Kriyann Singh, in the Upper House, on The Dangerous Dogs Bill.

Dr Singh, who is a vet by profession, enlightened his colleagues and the public with his wealth of hands-on experience and clinical knowledge of the behavioural patterns of the targeted dogs in the debated bill.

After listening to Dr Singh, if I thought otherwise, he convinced me the bill should not be animal specific but should focus on ensuring the owners of all dogs, and other animals capable of serious harm, are held accountable for any damage their particular animal may inflict.

But aside from the content of the contribution of the good doctor was the awe-inspiring display of honesty, humility, neutrality and compassion in his contribution.

While the defenders of the bill appeared to attempt to confuse and even intimidate him, he was firm, convincing and undeterred in bringing his point home, in a most effective way.

I would like to congratulate the President on his wise choice of this fine gentleman to make a contribution to this nation and his conscious effort to include the differently abled, who have so much and sometimes more to offer than the average, able-bodied citizen.

I would go further to recommend Dr Kriyann Singh as a permanent Independent senator if the position arises.

Annie Nevarro

Port of Spain