Saturday, February 24, 2018

Still time to save Tobago

 Trinidad and Tobago, for a country of its size and wealth, is facing problems that are in many ways unique.

Economically speaking, few countries are as naturally endowed with the resources of Trinidad and Tobago, but the problems persist, most notably crime. In Trinidad, the level of homicide is unprecedented for a nation of our size, while additionally the crime-detection rate is exceptionally low.

The issues concerning the inefficiencies of the various institutions in Trinidad and Tobago, especially on our larger island of Trinidad—the administrative centre of this unitary state—are evident and well documented. With this in mind, it is important therefore for all citizens to take note and contribute to advancing the cause of Tobago which is in a better condition in terms of general security. 

Tobago has seen a rise in criminal activity throughout this year and a recent spate of robberies has made life difficult for residents and even visitors in Tobago. The dysfunctionality that has plagued Trinidad seems to be contaminating Tobago. 

The institutions that are present in Trinidad and the mechanisms that have been developed to cope with the present levels of crime, as undeveloped as they presently are, should nevertheless be transferred to Tobago with the intention of preventing what is already becoming a problematic situation on the sister isle.

It is imperative to save Tobago from what has already proven to be an almost irreversible situation in Trinidad. Criminality once initiated is multiplied ten-fold by poorly developed institutions. Improving the Police Service in Tobago should be national priority number one. 

Trinidad stands as a prime example of what becomes of an island rich in resources but fundamentally poor in institutional structure. The sister isle of Tobago could still be saved; all that is needed is the political will. 

Mikhail ED Byng

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