Monday, February 19, 2018

Still waiting for answers

Today, six weeks after a catastrophe of oil spillages began, we are faced with new spills which Petrotrin have, to date, made no public statement on.

The latest of these is the Guaracara River spillage.

We are calling on Government agencies to act transparently and in the public interest. For the record, we place our requests in the public domain for the following information:

1. Petrotrin to declare the estimated quantity of oil leaked from each of the 12 spills;

2. Petrotrin to declare the precise quantity of COREXIT9500 applied during the admitted two-day period, and how it was applied;

3. Petrotrin to declare the precise quantity of what other dispersants were filmed being sprayed up until January 6;

4. IMA to indicate if it is safe to eat fish caught in Gulf of Paria;

5. IMA/EMA to indicate if it is safe to swim in Gulf of Paria;

6. IMA/EMA to indicate their sampling regime, that is where they sampled, what they analysed for and what were the results of residual toxicity measurements;

7. the EMA to reveal the findings of the air quality tests which were conducted by Kaizen immediately after the spills began.

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea is requesting the Environmental Management Authority prevent Petrotrin from commencing seismic surveys until the response to the above is placed in the public domain.

Terrence Beddoe, president

Gary Aboud, secretary

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea