Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Stop making excuses, fix Police Service


security minister: Gary Griffith

Mark Fraser

 Even as I put my fingers to the keyboard to type this letter, I reflect that I am often at a loss to find words to write in light of the current state of affairs in the nation. Why is this? 

The reasons are numerous. Let me touch on one issue that is often highlighted in the print media—the Police Service. 

I am quoting verbatim the words of the National Security Minister that I read in yesterday’s newspaper: “The law enforcement officers cannot perform to their best ability because they do not have the proper tools, training, experience and the administrative and logistical support.” 

Wow! What a mouthful. Long before Mr Griffith took office this has been a complaint from within the Police Service. As such, I will desist from itemising further as he has already done a brilliant job in his statement.

Let me ask Mr Griffith, do you really believe your own words? If what you are saying is true then in the office you hold, is it that you are powerless? 

Each time the cry goes out that there are not enough police vehicles, at some later date we read that new police vehicles have been bought. If the law enforcement officers cannot perform to their best, then to every problem there is always a solution. Provide the necessary tools and training. 

The reason you were appointed to that office is not for you to continually find excuses, but to be proactive and bring solutions to problems that exist in the National Security Ministry. 

Whatever excuses you will provide will be just that, excuses. We have had enough of the excuses. I wrote in an article not too long ago that people need governing. If left to themselves they soon become lawless. Trinidad at this point in its history needs very strong governing.

No matter how many vehicles are provided for the Police Service, there will never be enough. If the police were more visible on our roadways then the lawlessness being experienced daily on the roads would be curbed. We need to see visible policing, especially on the highways. 

Many citizens are law abiding and are daily longing for law and order to be enforced and restored among them. We are more than fed up with the current state of affairs and the abject failure of the present administration to effectively govern our small nation. 

Marva Richard

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