Sunday, February 25, 2018

Stop robbing the hand that feeds

The city of Port of Spain was choked with smoke from fires emanating from the Beetham dump on Monday and Tuesday.

In news interviews, residents of the Beetham were defending themselves against accusations that they started the fires that caused the problem. In these interviews the residents went on to say that all they wanted was employment so they could feed their families.

Unfortunately, this morning we awoke to the news that “gunmen” were inside the compound of Co-operative Citrus Growers firing at security personnel, and that this firm has continually experienced thefts with residents in the area stealing the company’s products.

So my question is, why would any business in their right mind want to locate their offices in this area—thinking they will be providing employment to the residents who claim to be in need of the same, all they do is to turn around and rob the company blind.

Beetham and Laventillle residents need to put a stop to their antisocial behaviour if they ever expect anybody to try and help them.

Jeremy Belden

St James