Monday, February 19, 2018

Stop the beach bike ‘terrorists’

 Unfortunately, a growing crowd now goes to Mayaro beach to drive up and down on motorbikes or in their ridiculous all-terrain vehicles.  

They weave in and out of footballers and windball cricketers and past kiddies digging in the sand. When challenged they say it is okay to drive on the beach. The police there seem to think the same.  

However, I checked with a respected legal mind on this and was told that is not the case. It is illegal, normally, to drive on any beach in T&T.  Fishermen may drive out to collect their catch, and lifeguards may use motorised patrol vehicles, but driving up and down for “fun” is definitely not allowed.

At Easter this year, there were nine children in our immediate neighbourhood under the age of ten. There were also nine different motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles taking it in turns to roar up and down the beach. The parents of the children were terrified, even though the vehicles did tend to slow down as they passed us.  

Recently the number of these joyriders has increased dramatically, and will probably continue to increase, unless something is done.

I could go on, but it would be better first to get an absolute ruling as to whether or not it is legal to drive these machines on a busy beach. If not then I will ensure the police are made aware of the fact, and that the public gets protection.

TM Lewis

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