Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Stop wasteful La Brea port project

The Inter-American Devel­op­ment Bank (IDB) has recommended a port at Brighton (Brighton Interna­tional Terminal) be built instead of the Government-preferred La Brea port.

The port at Brighton is to be built at no cost to the taxpayer, with total private investment, while the Government is bent on borrowing $500 million from China to build the one at La Brea, saddling the country with this unnecessary debt, plus interest, over the next few years.

Madam Prime Minister, please tell the country why this port is being built. What is the economic benefit to the country.

I am calling on the Opposition, trade unions and all other civic-minded groups and individuals to put pressure on the Government to stop this project now. It is a waste of money and an avenue for the continuing, rampant corruption.

M Baptiste