Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Stop defending corruption in office


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It is really amazing that ministers, and on this occasion, the Attorney General, feel they have to rush and give an explanation to all articles to justify this Government's performance and behaviour.

The AG's latest ramblings are in defence of the multimillion-dollar contracts awarded to SIS and its contracting firm and partners. In defence of its financiers, the AG claims envious competitors, and freedom of this and freedom of that, and the fact that you cannot discriminate based on political bias and perception. On the other hand, he claims the process must be fair and transparent.

Is it fair and transparent that a company that did not commit to the ten per cent contingency fee could still win the bid in front of companies that had bids that were lower and had followed the tendering procedure? Or that more than $100 million is up in the air?

Is it fair and transparent that despite the fact that SIS was fired as the contractor for the Tamana InTech Park in 2006 for not meeting contractual obligations, poor performance, etc, the company was still able to secure multiple contracts under this Government?

Is the public to believe that under the conditions of the tender for the Motor Vehicle Authority, which included the evaluation in seven categories, one of which was the company's performance history, SIS was still able to get this contract, fairly and transparently?

After two and a half years of blaming the PNM (People's National Movement) for corruption, suddenly, there is an admittance that under the PNM, the tendering procedures of the PNM-led boards were indeed transparent and justified. Thanks for finally clearing the air on this.

The public really does not have a problem with friends, family or supporters being awarded contracts, etc. The problem occurs when this is done with blatant greed and disrespect for "fair and transparent" procedures, then ministers put their "feet in their mouths" by using any and all defences they can come up with to justify the Government's position.

It is time this Government stops blaming the PNM for everything they do wrong. It has been two and a half years, and stating "no one batted an eyelid" when the PNM did the same is a poor excuse for this Government's poor performance. The people voted against this in 2010. We were promised a different administration. So far, we have not seen this.

Please, Mr Politician, try to understand that the people of Trinidad and Tobago are not stupid.

Loretta Ann Williams

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