Friday, December 15, 2017

Stop posturing, start governing


PUT IT HERE: PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar with supporters at the UNC Monday night forum.

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Where is the proof of the $20 billion worth of investment that we can expect as a nation in Trinidad and Tobago (Express, December 4)? And over what period?

Are there MOUs, letters of intent or other documents that the press and other organisations can scrutinise as proof?

If the above documents or any other kinds of agreement do not exist can this Government inform the general public of Trinidad and Tobago when it intends to transition from the campaigning, "grandeuring", politicking, promising and misleading tactics to actually governing, running and ensuring our nation becomes a stable and sound one?

Also, if there is no proof and this $20 billion boast is another ploy...we put the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on notice to bring to trial any person in public office who misleads, derails, incites violence and who is disconnected from the wider general public and as a result is causing great discontentment and division throughout Trinidad and Tobago and have this nation on edge like a rumbling volcano ready to explode.

However, if the CCJ in its young stage is unable to administer such justice, we put the International Criminal Court of Justice on notice for the crimes that are being committed against the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago

This is serious now and is no longer a game as our nation is in serious trouble.

It's not always good to sit idly by and allow things to's dangerous when it gets to certain levels.

Lystra Wallace

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