Saturday, February 24, 2018

Stop snacks at gas station

It is of great concern to me that in this age when companies, organisations and citizens are educating themselves on how to be be more safety-conscious and health-wise, that the sale of cooked and packaged food and beverages in plastic bottles outside of a secure building is still being allowed in open gas stations across the country.

At many of our island's gas stations, there are food stands readily available for items to be purchased on the pump-islands and in the general forecourt area, where gas fumes are at their most concentrated.

These fumes penetrate the plastic packaging and seep into the food/drinks, particularly bread and flour-based items like cupcakes and snacks, making them potentially unsafe to consumers. This is easily proven when a loaf of bread or a snack is opened: the food actually smells and tastes "funny".

It is my hope more customers realise how unsafe this practice can be and desist from patronising; but at the same time, something must be put in place that prevents the sale of food items in open gas station areas. Many citizens are unaware of many of the smaller health threats out there, and it is the responsibility of the Government and the people in power to put measures in place to protect the people of our nation.

SP Griffith