Thursday, December 14, 2017

Stop the Third World, self-hating bungling

The issue of Hafizool Mohammed's selection as a member of a commission of inquiry based substantially on reportedly misleading claims in his CV raises wider issues about the quality of our governance. I have raised some of these issues in the past.

I tell my students the road to success and progress is founded on academic achievement and the exercise of intellectual rigour, but this incident demonstrates that political intermediaries can be far more effective. Furthermore, the incident reinforces my position that past and present governments despised local scholars and professionals and are easily persuaded by the blandishments of foreign-based smart men.

We have become a nation of self-haters who submit easily to recolonisation.

It was reported that the individual's military experiences were critical to his selection but what does it say about the character of any individual who chooses to access a doctorate from a degree mill and who pads his CV with names of referees who are dead, fictitious, or who do not know him? Should such an individual be trusted to be part of a national inquiry?

Can this individual be charged for defrauding and willfully misleading the Government?

I challenge the legal apparatus of the state to intervene on behalf of the public to see that this person does not leave our country without accounting for his actions.

Various governments in this country have disgraced T&T by presenting an image of Third World bunglers and simpletons who would accept claims on a CV without checking their veracity. Any sensible person reviewing this CV would in a matter of minutes detect inconsistencies and doubtful claims. I call for immediate legal intervention on this issue.

David Subran

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