Friday, February 23, 2018

Stop the silly race talk

It is sad to realise how much racism exists in Trinidad and Tobago. I grew up amongst Trinidadians. I went to school and worked with people of different races. We went out together, helped each other, etc and to this day have friends of quite a few ethnic backgrounds.

So all the talk of racism going around in this country I steer clear of, for if I join in I myself will be one of the propagators of racism.

Most of us have been conditioned by politicians to think a certain way. If we have a Afro PM then the Indians will suffer, if we have an Indian PM, then the Afro will suffer. That in reality is not so.

Wake up people and accept the fact that our very unique country is heading for racial collapse if we we don't put a stop to all this foolishness

G St George

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