Monday, January 22, 2018

Strange way to motivate cops

 I recently heard our Attorney General state it’s better to have our Commissioner of Police in an acting position since, as he put it, a person in an acting position will be motivated to work at their best performance levels in order to secure a permanent position. 

I’d like to remind him that the CoP is one officer sitting behind a desk doing loads of administrative duties and barking out orders. I’d prefer to direct his words at all officers from the inspector to the constable levels (that is, those who are on the streets, putting their lives at risk continuously) of the police hierarchy. That way, we’re sure to get them working at their best. 

Of course, we should never make them permanent, or else they would be demotivated and fail to perform at their best. And if crimes like murder-suicides, domestic violence and child abuse increases, we can always put the blame on the police and fire those non-permanent officers en masse without compensation packages, saving the State lots of money. 

As a trainee myself, I can testify that it’s so much more motivating to work my tail off in the hopes of earning a stable position and a higher salary with perks that I may never get than...I don’t know, because I love my job and I want to make a difference, perhaps? (To my employers: That was pure sarcasm.) So keep the advice coming Mr. AG as we all work towards building morale in the demoralised and distrusted Police Service.

Shabba De Leon