Sunday, February 25, 2018

Strong leadership needed now in T&T

Firstly, it was “alleged’’ it was Robert Riley for PNM (Peo­ple’s National Movement) leadership.

I wonder who star­ted that rumour and stood to benefit from it?

Now, it is confirmed it is Pen-

­­­nelope Beckles-Robinson ver­sus Dr Keith Rowley. On the other side of the fence is Vasant Bha­­rath versus the present Prime Minister. Always remember, there is some measure of truth in every rumour.

The present PM defeated an aging gunfighter in his winter years for party leadership. Cer­tain Panday supporters with no allegiances but to themselves jumped ship, believing in staying on the floating vessel.

I am not calling any names, you know who they are. When the present Government assumed office, they realised Oppo­sition politics is vastly different from Government politics. To be critical is easy, to bring solutions to the table is an arduous task.

The novelty of a female PM quickly vaporised. She proved

she was no Margaret Thatcher,

no Golda Meir, no Benazir Bhutto, no Indira Gandhi and no

Eugenia Charles.

In-party fighting did not help either. This is a trait of weak

leadership. There must not appear to be a vacancy for leader.

Notice, ILP (Independent

Lib­­e­ral Party) leader Jack Warn­er

is supporting Mrs Beckles-Robin­son. He said they are lifelong friends. Mrs Beckles-Robinson attended a function hosted by Dr Roodal Moonilal on December 7, 2013, in Debe. A questionable decision, don’t you think? The Attorney General has also endorsed her quest for leadership of the PNM. Why are these gentlemen so fervent supporters of Mrs Beckles-Rob­inson? Maybe they perceive with her at the helm, a UNC (United National Congress) victory will be easily attained.

Maybe, just maybe, if the present PM was more success­ful, Mrs Beckles-Rob­inson would have had an easier task. A female versus female is a great headline. This is not the right time for a female leader

of the PNM.

The last general election results were anti-Patrick Manning, not anti-PNM. People got tired of the convenient bouts of laryngitis. A leader inspires trust and does the right thing. People of Trinidad and Tobago, let us do what is right because it is right.

AV Rampersad

Princes Town