Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sweet memories

It was heartening to read in the Express that four locomotives, which for decades were used by Caroni Ltd to pull cane-laden carriages from Barrackpore to Ste Madeleine will be restored and later displayed at the Sugar Heritage Village and Museum at what used to be the Brechin Castle sugar factory.

It's a pity these priceless pieces of our history were never maintained and allowed to deteriorate when the sugar industry was closed but credit should still be given to those who saw it fit to protect what's left of them.

One area of concern is what security will be afforded these magnificent machines once they are positioned at their final resting place. As we are all aware, scrap iron, and even material/equipment still in use are susceptible to predators who have the gall to "torch" anything, from bridges to manhole covers to unmanned excavators in order to satisfy their "ferric" cravings.

Gregory Cockburn

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