Friday, December 15, 2017

Sympathy only for the employer?

The newspaper reports that the president of the Industrial Court, Deborah Thomas-Felix, said work stoppages were not in the best interest of the country’s economy. Her Honour must be commended on her concern for the state of the country’s economy.

It is regrettable, though, that such a comment does not arise when the State commits $12 billion of taxpayers’ funds to bail out CL Financial. That sum of money exceeds all the losses the State may sustain from unions’ actions. More than that, unions’ actions bring benefits to large numbers of workers who spend their earnings in the country, whereas CLF and all the other money-absorbing businesses that leech off the State bring riches to the very few who bank their ill-gotten wealth abroad.

While Her Honour was not dealing with a matter concerning CLF, her comments could easily be construed as sympathy for the employer and a lack thereof for the union.

Karan Mahabirsingh